A new standard of luxury in clean beauty. As one of the world’s most sought-after editorial makeup artists, Gucci Westman’s “second skin” approach is the secret behind Westman Atelier. The clean luxury cosmetics line merges innovative high-performance pigments, nourishing skincare ingredients, and the safest formulations with an extraordinary eye for color. The result is a seamlessly edited product range for dewy, radiant and healthy-looking skin that’s always effortless, never overdone. A mother, makeup artist, and champion of holistic living, Gucci believes passionately that ‘luxury’, ‘efficacy’ and ‘clean’ don’t have to be a contradiction when it comes to exceptional makeup.

Flora Danica Parfums celebrates the beauty of nature.

Inspired by the iconic Flora Danica Encyclopaedia in the 18th century, the world’s best perfumers have created Flora Danica Parfums. Precious ingredients sit at the heart of each perfume for unique and timeless experiences. Each fragrance is a creative interpretation of Danish life and nature. 

Manifesto is a next-generation edible beauty supplement. Nutritionist-formulated, with the exact right balance of vitamins and minerals to support skin, hair and nail health. Supercharged with botanical ingredients such as Astaxanthin, Biotin, Inulin, Acai berry extract and prebiotics in addition to vitamins A,C,E as well as essential minerals Selenium and Zinc. They taste like a treat yet have less sugar than a cherry; all vegan, high fibre, non GMO and halal friendly. Oh and the packaging is 100% plastic free.


Votary is the epitome of efficacy and purity in natural-led skincare. Its founders are passionate about the power of plant oils and botanical actives to give you youthful, healthy skin whatever your age. Meticulously crafted products founded on microbiome health and skin barrier restoration, Votary products deliver transformative skin improvement without compromising barrier function or causing irritation. The quintessential choice for those seeking premium, clean, and effective skincare solutions.

Founded by Material Alchemist Lauren Bowker, The Unseen Beauty is a collective of scientists, strategists and creatives united by an endless curiosity to see the world in new ways. With the purpose to reveal Unseen beauty to the word, the Unseen transforms the unimaginable into reality through the application of pioneering material science.

Bodyologist brings you and the majority of your skin the very latest and the very greatest in performance skin care. With proven skin changing ingredients, the brands indulges your body with care and methods normally reserved for the face.  With the purpose of bringing you Better Body Beauty, it brings you body products made with proven skin changing ingredients with focus on what actually works!

Miriam Quevedo is an award-winning anti-aging powerhouse in hair care. From rejuvenating hair and scalp treatments to the most advanced customized skincare rituals, the cutting-edge line transcends modern cosmetic standards.

Meaning ‘the world’ or ‘the earth’ in Danish, VERDEN is a natural fragrance brand for bath, body and home,founded by Charlotte Semler and Arabella Preston–the team behind VOTARY skincare. While working together on VOTARY, they became aware of how important natural fragrance sand self-carerituals are to wellbeing and happiness. The beauty of fragrance lies in the joy of the memories and the emotions it evokes.This inspired them to create a brand that is totally dedicated to the delight sand pleasures of natural fragrance.

Using ingredients from Finnish nature, Forest Spa Finland creates skincare wellness products to help build your immunity to stress, renew wellness and boost your vitality. Bring the purity and powerful restorative properties of the Finnish Forest and way of life into your daily skincare health ritual, the brand wants to let you in on the secrets that the Finns have kept for years!

Kat Burki is a pioneering beauty brand, uniquely powered by cutting edge nutritional science to deliver cold processed, nutrient dense formulations. Just like food heals the body in multiple ways–not just one vitamin, nutrient or magic cure all – skincare should work the same. All formulas are maximized for anti-inflammation, absorption, and healing. Clinically proven, their products deliver the WHOLE nutrition necessary for your skin to function at its best.